2023 Certification Testing

We have exciting changes for TFC Certification testing beginning this year! 
*All testing beginning 2023 will take place exclusively at PSI testing centers.
*Testing will not be offered at workshop beginning 2023 forward.
*Testing will be available before 2023 year end.
*CEU pathway will remain the same as presented at 2022 workshop.
*TFCA Membership required to test.
*Continue to use the published study guide.  When the new test is finalized, an updated study guide     will be made available.
*The cost of testing has not been finalized but will be no more than $200.00 for 2023.
*The advantage to moving to PSI testing centers is the flexibility to test throughout the year and to       get your score upon completion of the test. 
*CEU’s can be entered into the management system for tracking.
The initial CEU pathway is listed below, however it will be further developed to meet transplant industry standards for transplant professionals
CEU requirement to recertify – 15 credit hours (15 hours) of transplant education – must be documented, self-tracked, and presented to certification committee for approval
Attending workshop within 3 years meets the 15 CEU credit hour requirement
 Re-test – (testing fee applies)
 Submit 15 hours of CEU documentation – administrative recertification fee will apply – fee TBD
 –Must be an active member
 – 2022 test takers are eligible for CEU Pathway for 2025 recertification
 – 2021 test takers are eligible for CEU Pathway for 2024 recertification, but would have to provide 15 hours of CEU credits or attend conference within 3 years and provide retrospective documentation
– 2020 test takers are eligible for CEU Pathway for 2024 recertification, but would have to provide 15 hours of CEU credits or attend conference within 3 years and provide retrospective documentation

 In 2018 we embarked on a new era!

Our organization has worked for seventeen years through three Presidents and numerous Board Members and TFCA Members to present the first Transplant Financial Coordinator’s Certification examination. We are excited to forge ahead to professionalize our important role in Transplant.

The exam is open to all members of the TFCA at the TFCA Annual Conference/Workshop. Please pay your annual membership fee to utilize the Resource Guide as your ultimate study material for the test. Membership is required to take the exam. Plan ahead, to allow the TFCA to verify your membership.

If you are attending the Conference/Workshop, please note there is a testing fee of $50.00 which is in addition to your other Conference fees. 


Congratulations to the 2019 group of Certified Transplant Financial Coordinators!

Certification process for the TFC

The mission of the Transplant Financial Coordinators Association, a non-profit professional organization, is to coordinate the dissemination of useful information related to Transplant Finance. Our goal is to ensure we provide accurate financial information to our patients and their families in a compassionate and tactful manner, while maximizing reimbursement for our transplant centers. Assuring a healthcare organization’s financial viability during economic crisis is contingent upon the overall ability to employ financial strategies that drive maximum reimbursement.

This is accomplished through:

  • Continuous education of the Transplant Financial Coordinator, our patients and their families, third party payors, and our transplant centers;
  • information networking to share our collective knowledge; advocating for our patients, their families, and our transplant centers with third party payors and governmental bodies;
  • working cooperatively with other members of our transplant teams to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

The Transplant Financial Coordinators Association is requesting financial support of the certification process to promote continued derived financial benefits within your organization. Continued development and education of trained and skilled transplant financial professionals is a vital component to assure maximum reimbursement. The TFCA is investigating a collaborative effort to create and manage a certification examination. The initial development process will cost approximately $30,000 – $40,000. We ask your support for TFCA by contributing $1,000 to provide continued education and certification for this valued financial professional.

Thank you to all our past certification sponsors