Election Guidelines

Election Committee

  • Nominations, voting, and ballot counting will managed by an appointed Election Committee.
  • The Election Committee may appoint members of the body in good standing to assist in the nomination, voting and ballot counting (tellers) process; aka as election process.
  • The election process will be handled in a professional, accurate, and confidential manner.


  • Nominations for Governing Officers will be addressed by e-mail over the TFCA website.
  • Full members in good standing are eligible to nominate an officer.
  • A qualified nominee will be a full member in good standing prior to nominations.
  • Nominees need to have a second over the list serve by a second full member in good standing.
  • The Election Committee will confirm by e-mail that the nominee will accept the nomination, and the office nominated for, if elected.
  • The Election Committee will call for nominations 6 weeks prior to annual conference, or a special election.
  • Nominations will be accepted for two week period (14 days).
  • The Election Committee will make notice to the membership body at least twice of the nomination close date.
  • Nominees will be given to the TFCA secretary to be included in the next Governing Body Meeting minutes.


  • All nominees will submit a biography or resume for the membership body to review via the TFCA website.
  • The Election Committee will call for nominees biographies 4 weeks to 3 weeks (7 days) prior to annual conference or a special elections date.
  • Notice to submit a biography will be given at least twice at the end of the nomination period.
  • Campaigning will be open 4 weeks prior to the annual conference business meeting, or a special election date.


  • Ballots will list every nominee for each Governing Office position.
  • Each nominee will have a square box at the beginning of the nominee’s name.
  • All ballots used in a vote will be held in a sealed envelope by the Election Committee Chair for at least 3 days after the election
  • After 3 days of vote the sealed envelope will be given to the TFCA secretary.


  • One week prior to the Business Meeting at the annual conference or the a special election date voting will be permitted to members in good standing who are eligible to vote.
  • Voting will be done electronically through TFCAelections20**@yahoo.com or by a paper ballot prior to the business meeting.
  • Paper ballots will be given out by the election committee at the annual conference to members in good standing who wish to vote by paper.

One ballot per member

  • The square box at the front to the nominees name on the ballot must have a check mark or X inside the square box.
  • Any marks located outside of the square box will not be counted as a vote, if all marks on the ballot are outside of the square box the ballot will not be counted.

Voting Results

The election committee will appoint tellers to count votes and release the teller report with voting results to the President at the Business Meeting at the annual meeting, or via the TFCA Website after a special election.

Teller Sheet and Report

Governing Offices will be listed on paper with the nominees name written below. One tally mark will be marked for every vote received. The numeric number of votes written to the right of the tally marks. See example below:

1.) John Doe IIII 4 elected
2.) Jan Doe III 3
3.) Sam Doe II 2

Recount of Ballots

Any nominee may ask for a recount within 2 days (48 hours) of the release of the voting results.

Election points

  • If an elected candidate declines the office after he or she is elected another election needs to take place for the declined office.
  • If it is discovered after an election that the person elected does not meet the eligibility requirements, and even if the person has begun to serve, the election is void. The TFCA will have another election.
  • If there is a question about the way a ballot is marked, the tellers should take it to the Election Committee Chair. He or she will decide what to do with the vote – whether to count it toward what name to credit the vote, or mark it a illegal vote.
  • When presenting the votes for the list of offices, the president will follow the order of offices from President to Secretary, and then the Trustees.
  • If a person has been nominated to more than one office and is elected to two offices, he or she can choose which office he or she wants. The membership then votes again on the other office.